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The Good News Handyman - Serving St. Cloud & The Surrounding Areas

The Good News Handyman is St. Cloud's #1 for quality handyman services. Our highly-skilled professionals have the skills, background, and correct tools for almost any job. Big or small, when St. Cloud needs handyman services they can count on The Good News Handyman.

We are proud to offer quality services at an unbeatable rate to St. Cloud residents and the surrounding areas. When you hire a professional to do a job you don't want to worry if it'll be done right. At The Good News Handyman our experienced technicians will get the job done and done right the first time. No compromises, no gimmicks, just straightforward quality service., every time.

Why Hire Us?

Whether you don't have the time, the tools, or experience, it doesn't matter. What matters is your home and safety, so if you need electric, pressure washing, or repairs done for your home, you want to make sure they are done correctly and everything is up to code.

The Good News Handyman's handyman services cover a wide variety of fields from ceiling fan installation to outdoor screen repairs and even carpentry. We have the in-field experience, knowledge, and proper tools to quickly and safely get the job done with as little hassle to your day as possible.

Never worry about short circuits or damage from pressure washing when you hire the professional handyman services of The Good News Handyman.

Superior Quality

Fair Prices

Customer Satisfaction

Handyman & Home Repair Services We Offer

The Good News Handyman is your one-stop shop for all of your handyman services. We've got you covered inside and out, from top to bottom. When you have a job you need to be done, count on the specialists at The Good News Handyman for quality service.

To make it easy to keep your home looking great and on track we offer:

and more! You name it and we bet we can deliver! Call us today at 407-468-1352 to book a service for your property!

handyman repairs

Pressure Washing Services

The Good News Handyman's wide variety of pressure washing services makes it simple to boost your curb appeal and keep your property values high.

Our skilled pressure washers will clean your surface and leave behind nothing but a sparkling clean finish. Pressure washing is a budget-friendly way to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment.

Regular concrete washing not only leaves surfaces like driveways and sidewalks brighter and cleaner but helps preserve your concrete and prevent premature cracking and crumbling. While regular house washing keeps your siding shining and makes it easy to spot potential cracks or pest infestations.

And what about your outdoor spaces? Fences, decks, and patios are exposed to rain, wind, temperature fluxations, and sun year-round which can really take a toll on them. Regular pressure washing removes mold, stains, and grime so that your surfaces stay strong and look great for every season.

Refresh your home today with:

pressure washing

Organizations We Proudly Support

The Good News Handyman is proud to support local organizations. As a small, local business, we want to help keep St. Cloud and the surrounding communities clean and looking great. We offer a wide variety of handyman services so it's easier than ever to keep your organization, business, investment property, or home on track 365 days a year.

Towns We Serve

The Good News Handyman offers handyman services for the following areas:


The Good News Handyman's skilled experts cover everything from exterior pressure washing to installation of ceiling fans and door locks, plus paint touch-up and repair services for drywall. You name it and you can bet we probably do it! If you need a service, call us at 407-468-1352 and see what our experts can do for you.

Yes! Our experienced handyman services cover electrical and other installation jobs. Ceiling fans, garbage disposals, storm doors, or door locks, we've got your covered!

Great question! Pressure washing exterior surfaces, especially house washing, is a quick and cost-effective way to help keep one of your biggest investments looking great and lasting for a long time. House washing removes layers of algae, moss, dirt, pollen, and general build-up to reveal your home's natural beauty and prevent damage and deep staining that can weaken and break-down siding leaving you with costly repair bills and a dull appearance.

Of Course! At The Good News Handyman we've got you covered when it comes to keeping your screens in tip-top shape. Whether it's a screen door or pool cage, our pros know what to do. Quality screen protection is important so you want to make sure you hire a crew that knows what they're doing. Your pool cage keeps our bugs, leaves, birds, snakes, and other pests and debris, so keep it hole free and working for you with quality outdoor screen repair from the skilled handymen at The Good News Handyman.

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